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Gallery; Photo 1, Our British Shorthair Kittens Photo 2, Grand Champion Jonscott Art Deco got her first and BOB, also gaining first in all her side classes then she went on to Best In Show foreign kitten and then Best of Variety over the adult and neuter what a day! at only 4.5 months old. Photo 3 our British Shorthair Kittens Photo 4,is a close up of our home bred Tishkabar Maximus and Photo 5,International Champion Tishkabar Charlie Chester, exported to Holland, now neutered and living the high life in Belguim. He is also the father of Malibu Van Brifety, white Selkirk Rex girl, recently imported from Holland.

I have always loved biggish dogs and I will never forget the chocolate Labradors that shared their lives with me, in fact I have a photos of all my Labs sat on my computer at home. I wasn't going to have any more dogs after my Labs,but my husband persuaded me.With the condition I chose the breed! Well I have always loved Great Danes from my Scooby Do days ( showing my age now!) But they are remarkable dogs and are truly gentle giants, well, other than when they tread on you, or whack you around the head with their very strong tail, or as my husband has experienced in the ' delicate' areas! Not so gentle then! I've had some lovely bruises!

Our Dogs

But I can honestly say I would have another one given the time and space.

Luna, the blue came into my life in 2011 and Lucy, the blue mismarked harlequin/ mantle followed 6months later. They are like chalk and cheese and they say you never get two the same and I can certainly agree with that. Luna doesn't bother the cats, Lucy is totally fascinated by them! They both make us laugh and that's worth every penny they cost us.

Lucyis no longer with us, she had a large tumor attatched to her bladder. She will be greatly missed.