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Gallery; Photo 1, Our British Shorthair Kittens Photo 2, Grand Champion Jonscott Art Deco got her first and BOB, also gaining first in all her side classes then she went on to Best In Show foreign kitten and then Best of Variety over the adult and neuter what a day! at only 4.5 months old. Photo 3 our British Shorthair Kittens Photo 4,is a close up of our home bred Tishkabar Maximus and Photo 5,International Champion Tishkabar Charlie Chester, exported to Holland, now neutered and living the high life in Belguim. He is also the father of Malibu Van Brifety, white Selkirk Rex girl, recently imported from Holland.

We are Tricia and Barry Palmer. Our prefix came about from my friend Sue who breeds Chocolate Labradors, who said why don't you use Tishkabar or TishkaBoo or something like that, and that was it firmly planted in our minds. I have been breeding British Shorthair cats now for the last fourteen years, after breeding for this length of time I have to say it has certainly been fulfilling watching a new life develop into such a wonderful individual character that cats are. My cats are my 'human babies' along side my beloved Great Danes. No two cats are ever the same. It has also been heartbreaking and for those of you taking away one of my babies, I thank you for giving him/her such wonderful homes that I know that they have gone to. I couldn't do this without you. We breed gorgeous home reared and well socialized kittens in most colours. Mainly British Shorthairs, in Blue and other self colours Selkirk Rex and Scottish Fold and my new love Maine Coons in Blue with or without white.
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Bonnie - Brifold Bonnie Mc Greggor


Bonnie is a lilac Scottish Fold with folded ears British Shorthair

Luba - Brifold Lubomira

Luba is A folded ear Scottish fold is a British shorthair Blue and white bicolour